SEM was born of a relentless drive to do things differently, to help both businesses – and the environments they inhabit – to flourish. At SEM, it’s our mission to sustain people, planet and business in equal measure.

We can do this because our take on ‘waste’ is slightly unusual. To us, it’s a rich, and under-valued resource, full of nutrients and elements that can be re-purposed and re-used.

Of course, changing business models and practices, not to mention mind-sets is no mean feat. It’s just as well we thrive on a challenge. We avidly embrace and pioneer disruptive new technologiesthat process co-productsfrom ‘waste’ streams and deliver innovative water treatment solutionsfor industry.

We are working towards the evolution of a waste-free, circular economyin the future, securing our planet’s health and wealth for generations to come.

We implement effective on-site treatment to promote sustainability in the management ofslurry ‘waste’ by applying both our waste and water treatment technologies and solutions, to ultimately reduce waste handling.

We apply our solutions to the following markets:

• Agriculture
• Distilling

Our goal is always to separate out the liquid phase for treatment and re-use of clean water or safe discharge to foul sewer or natural watercourse.

With the dry matter, we substantially de-water and where possible, create an optimised, valuable co-product for re-purpose.

It’s all part of our commitment to be your sustainable, environmental management partner.

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