Keenan Recycling

Keenan Recycling

Since we started in 2001 the business has grown from a garden waste composting business based near Aberdeen to a national organics waste management company.

We received a £2.2m investment from the Business Growth Fund in 2015 and have expanded operations across Central Scotland and opened offices in Linlithgow, near Edinburgh and acquired an eight-acre site in Linwood, near Glasgow. Since this expansion, we have become the largest food and garden waste recycling business in Scotland with English operations opening this year.

• We run a fleet of specialised food waste collection vehicles designed for rural locations, cities and suburbs.

• We operate a night and day service, 7 days a week with a kitchen caddy service for customers with smaller amounts of food waste.

• At our headquarters near Aberdeen we operate Europe’s largest In-Vessel Composting plant recycling food and garden waste into premium grade compost.

Phone: 0800 644 6618